sreda, 11. julij 2012

2nd task 92 km, Buzet

Sorry for lack of news from Buzet but I have to find Slovenian signal on take off to write blog from there. Nokia works perfect as a Wifi spot so I can have my own internet café in the middle of nowhere.
Yesterday they set up a bigger task with first turnpoint far out in Motovun, which was the hardest thing to make. Already on take off there was a struggle to get in to better position to fly over canyons towards Motovun. Airspace…. Hm… Don`t want to talk about that as it could turn around the scoring, but with 20 pilots here it is useless. In the end we where all together fighting from the same height, yesterday and the day before.

I landed at Motovun where I tried to climb the small Motovun hill and got in to a nice spin with my glider. Felt very easily to get it out and fun to do. I had to gave up scratching the hill as it was not making any progress.

Only Primoz made it around the course, and few where some 10 km close. We are still waiting for the scoring as they put it out yesterday but times where not set right not for the first day not for yesterday.

Today looks too windy for flying. We might get a ride down to the coast for some swimming. Lets hope tomorrow we get some more flying.

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