torek, 17. julij 2012

2nd day 1st task Italian open

They set up a nice 130 km task flying back to my valley to Slovenia and turning back to Gemona valley. The day looked great, high clouds, not too much wind from North and nice smooth strong thermals.
However I payed the price of having the knowledge of my home ridge which is usually a racing one, but not yesterday. I rushed low on the ridge while it was not working. North wind made the shade on the ridge and no wind just added up to equation that it did not worked as it usually does. Higher it was nice, big heights over the ridge and 50 km/h average to goal of Alex Ploner who was first before Primoz and Tom in third place.
I felt like a total beginner doing such a mistake but ok, lets go on and try to enjoy this new area. However this is the area with out landings, I got low and looked where to go, back to Italy or in to Slovenia to find the fields, I think I had no escape by being so low as I was. I found a nice spot a little bit outside and landed perfectly. Quite a nice field that I never saw before even do I flew over that many many times, but yes higher :)

Today looks like we will go North to Cercivento to fly Suans home yard. Looks like we might fly over to Austria. You can find our live tracking on the button top right to this page. Enjoy it :)

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