nedelja, 15. julij 2012

1st day of Italian open

I had quite an interesting evening, building up the caravan in rain but I managed to get the roof up and sleep in the dry place. In the night hailstone storms where coming trough so it was certain that today will be a no flying day.
Yesterday we had a long mandatory briefing where Suan explained all the specialities of the area. Everything looks well organised and I am really looking forward to see the progress of this comp. All the major names in European part of this sport are here so we are looking at a really strong comp.
The whole city is standing behind this projects with discounts everywhere for the pilots, you can see they are really trying to rise the name of Gemona to a sport city of Gemona.
When I woke up I went to the bar in the beautiful camping near the lake and found an old Moyes GT standing over the bar. It is actually build up like that that it holds the 5 shelf of alcohol with the speed bar on it. Pretty amazing set for the bar, definitely a kind of I would or maybe most of us would have :)

A bit of work today on computer and tomorrow a chance for the first race.

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