petek, 11. maj 2012

Quick dose of mountains

I got it all in 14 days. Greifenburg last week and a tourist flight in my home mountains. If I get it all together in a nice section of videos then you will get a taste of Alps also from my home site, again :) But every time different :) Our work schedule reduced now to work from 6pm till midnight so I have actually every day a chance to fly, when ever there is good weather. Very bad for my pocket but good for my soul :)
Since I am used to one order with flying gear one change can make it that you forget something and come to the top with out vario. Again. This time I really did not mind. Sky looked good, so I did a 1.5h flight with out the vario again. So good to feel everything a bit in other way, I even found and thermaled out in the flat. Must be the good region to fly I would guess :D Today I borrowed my glider to Alan who showed the wish to test fly it. He flew about 60 km out and return and landed with the idea how relaxed the flying with Rs is.
Looks like winter is coming again for a day, a 20°c temperature drop tomorrow, so the glider is in the garage waiting for new adventures when "ice men" pass over. This is tradition that say that this are the days when ice men come, mythical explanation of the days when sudden drop of temperature comes in this time. Guess something is still traditional with the weather, as everything else is not :)

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