sreda, 02. maj 2012

1. task in Greifenburg

Finally the day looked like we will have a task so at 12:30 we where already cruising the busy Emberger Alm ridge. Quite bumpy waiting for the start gate at 13:30 but I got up with the highest group and started really good.
First we flew to the very W end of the valley before it gets narrow to Lienz. I went more out to the ridge while 3 pilots went inside the valley and got in to a nice thermal. I had to go back and thermal bellow them. I catched up with Suan who was leading back at take off and things where looking promising. However the cloud layer got thicker and there was no sun to burn the thermals up. I raced too much and nearly got grounded at Lengholz. I struggled there for 45 minutes to get back on the top of the ridge for a glide out for the turnpoint in the valley and another over to Weisensee with 2 km radius. However I looked at my GPS who was not finding any coordinates for nearly 10 minutes so I closed it and opened it again. He got him self together just seconds before the turnpoint so I continued my way back to the main ridge. Some went to the Weisensee part and slowly got up there, me however I had only a dead glide back to Greifenburg. All was covered and there was not one thermal on the way.
3 guys made it in from the Flex wings, Achim made a good decisions and got a bit lucky on the way but was happy to be first in goal, congrats. He was followed by Marcus and Suan me however should be the best of the non goalers :) but they are still trying to fix the track and it might not happen... I will have to think of back up, my old Compeo was always 100 % working but looks like it is also getting old... Now I woke up to a overcast sky with low cloud base. With the storm that came trough yesterday it all puts on a question for the task. Hope for the best.

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