sreda, 02. maj 2012

2nd task Greifenburg

It is easy to write a blog when you are down already at 2 pm. Short task again due to the risk of T-storms up and down the valley with a finish to Weisensee bridge. Strong beginning with quite some rough thermals. Clouds where developing bellow us and in the end of the valley towards Lienz it was already quite dark. No one was not showing any signs of stopping so we started the race very early. I was in a good position and was leading back on the take off. The turn point out to the E was more tricky as there was a lot of sink flying out and back of it. I got lucky with a another strong one and took the position of observing the race from top. It is all so much easier from this prospect of view :D We had another TP out on Irschen where it felt like falling down when I turned back from the turn point. I had to find some weak lift while guys behind me found a strong one behind me and topped over me. I had to find something strong and got it back over take off. Few turns and we where almost together with Jorg a bit over my head and Marcus bellow me. We glided out to Weisensee with quite low passing over the bridge and back so there was no room for speeding up front, Jorg in first I was just seconds behind and Stephan Boller somewhere high behind on 3th place. We will see what leading points will have to say it may just happen :)
GPS worked out fine today so I dont know what was the cause to yesterdays fault, looks like organiser where not able to fix, our Kobala open scorer will have a look at it and maybe fix it, would be nice as I lost quite some points with out it... Today we have a pilot dinner in the evening and tomorrow, looks like all over again with the same situation as today.

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