četrtek, 03. maj 2012

3rd task Greifenburg

92 km FAI triangle was called today with a forecast of dropping E wind. It did not happen so we had quite a ride most of the time. After the first turn point near Zeitenkopf we got back in to the lee side of the mountain which produced quite some crazy rides, however spoiled tail boy feels very good on Rs also in this conditions. You got to get some wire slaps to see what the glider is all about :) Since I did not made it over the ridge I pushed back in the valley while some made it high enough to cross the big mountain ridge. It took me quite some time to fly around Pirkeberg and get something decent enough to make turns in it. High enough to cross to the Hattelberg where strong valley wind and screaming thermals where waiting for us again. I got with the main gaggle here again so I felt quite good after flying alone for quite some time.
We took too much time waiting for the rain back over the Pirkeberg to end so I decided to give it a go by my self again. Got a thermal before Goldeck up to the cloudbase again so the goal was made. We had to cross Weeisensee for a turnpoint on a mountain and back. Rain up the valley and down the valley in Greifenburg, only the landing area was with out rain for some time. I rushed to get in to the goal and start search for some minus conditions as everything was going up.
I made it down with painful arms to get the news that task was stopped. I was quite sure this is about to happen but as I saw I can do it I flew it. Corinna was first today but after checking the rules of her 42 minute earlier start program gave her minimum distance. So Suan won the day, he also got in to the goal as I did and some rigids. Marcus is still in the lead ahead of me and Suan took the third place overall now. Looks like tomorrow is something the same waiting for us, with my guess more chance of over development as the ground is soaking wet again. On the other side of flying we have nice time here, looks like younger generation is here with Tim also in the rigids :) I sleep in my car and for now I am happy with my dry bed here in this Greifeburg weather. Organisation is relaxed and is working nice, me and Suan are driving up every day to retrieve the car. I have been here for the pre and Europeans in 2008, my first international competition and so it is interesting to see how can you forget some points that we where flying these days. Well I will have another rehearsal tomorrow ;)

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Matze pravi ...

With such a landing, like on the 2nd Picture: Didn´t you get Trouble with the guys from the camp? Normaly they always scream when someone makes a cool landing =)

Anonimni pravi ...

congratulations aljo

Matjaz Klemencic pravi ...

Matze, I guess they where not looking ;) @Anonimi, thanks :)