ponedeljek, 28. maj 2012


Is the weather situation turning around? Seems like we have numerous days with high cloud base in the area, while before it was normal to scratch the bottom of the mountains while their tops where in the clouds hiding all the beauty in the fog. Last week me and Lupo from Italy set up the gliders on Lijak in Gorica. I was prepared for a small local flight with out any water or button switched in the head for something bigger. We took of straight to 2200m while Pgs where trying to scratch the ridge. There was such a nice cloudstreet to Tolmin that there was no question of what to do this day. Boom over the plateau with the last thermal kicking up to 2800. I was frozen till the bones so I turned around at Stol just to glide back to Tolmin, but I heated up a bit and with the kick thermal back to cloudbase I had to fly back to Gorica. I remember the days when I started and thermaled above Kobala to 3400m, sometimes it feels like this type of weather is coming back. Lets hope so :D Anyway few days before I did some filming and with busy times I have these days it is hard to find some time and sit again to computer and do some stuff on it. I think it shows a good picture of how it is like here past days :D