sreda, 26. januar 2011

This is it

I have it, thanks to my computer that was having really hard times lately. Here is the final edititon of my entry to Nokia N8 contest. You can help me too by sharing the video around the globe as they might look at the views also. There are 8 judges who will decide which are the best video entries to the contest.

Feel free to share it around.

I have to thank to many people who helped me out last 3 weeks.
Janez Zega for his amazing voice
Primoz and Marko for the glider
Regina for acting so good :)
Danijel for rock part music
Ales and friends for help with dolly production
Weather for some amazing shots :)
Ana for a ride :)
Joze for the glide camera

It has been an interesting experience for me as I had to do everything from the scratch. I was not familiar with the actual phone, not with the rigs not with anything so there where numerous visits to hardware store.
No wide lens but the quality is outstanding for the phone.

Enjoy in it and share wherever you can.

There is a like button option on NOKIA web page if you like HERE

5 komentarjev:

Juergen Karpf pravi ...

Good luck. It is astonishing what is possible with a N8. It is an excellent video.

Critical hint: At 1:05 to 1:07 and 1:49 to 1:50 there are each 2 seconds with black screen. I would prefer a nice change betwen the scenes.

(I´m a hangglider pilot from germany and constant reader of your blog).

Jürgen Karpf

Matjaz Klemencic pravi ...

Thanks for the comment, the gap was made intended as it goes with the beat. Well we all have our own eyes and ears :)

Thanks for following my blog.


Anonimni pravi ...

I wish you all the best... Zero G, how is your pulse?

na jem pravi ...

Čestitke za dober video in priznanje/nagrado s strani Nokije! Pravkar prebral na Connectu o tekmovanju. Veliko uspehov še naprej!

Matjaz Klemencic pravi ...

@Najem hvala za komentar, bilo je super od začetka snemanja do konca Floride .)