sreda, 12. januar 2011

Nokia n8 producers

One week ago, I received a message on Youtube, which I usually take as a 80 % spam. It was even worse when I saw that it was headlined with “Would you like to be a N8 Producer?”

Well, I said, let`s have a look at it, in the end I would like to be a producer somehow :)

I opened the message where it was clearly seen that it was sent just to my name and was followed by the words where a girl named Lydia from Womworld said how they like my hang gliding videos.
Not a spam anymore.

I read all the message where it was described that they want me to produce a 3 minute video with brand new Nokia N8. They would send it to me for 14 days where I will have a chance to make out of it as much as I can.

First 8 winning videos will get the price, 1 week of Florida for two persons at Cape Canaveral the zero G experience. Yes Tim, you should maybe schedule for a flight back home in beginning of March :)

I took a chance to play the game, so I sent an email to this nice miss Lydia where we scheduled my 14 days for last two weeks in January.

The package is shipped so I am expecting it to arrive on Friday. The idea was born, now the procedure of making the rigs for the camera is going on. Oh, I am with out the glider at moment, but thankfully my ex-student will land me his Combat 07 for aerial shots. Primoz was also willing to help me and have a test flights here in Nova Gorica with his new 13.5 Combat.

So, if everything comes together with a great factor of weather I should be having the video on to participate in the Nokia N8 competition.

If it happens for real it will be great, if not I am pleased that my videos have been noticed.

Stressful 14 days ahead of me :)

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Timothy pravi ...

Yeah!!! YOU GO! I'll be back in Florida on March15th and, it that's not soon enough, Jamie will show you a great time without me. She lives on the beach only 30K south of Cape Canaveral.

Good Luck...but I doubt you'll need luck. You've got so much talent, as they've obviously noticed.

Des pravi ...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel done!! You are gonna be famous!!! And win the prize with your movie. Go go go!!!
Big hug
Crazy Dessie