sreda, 19. januar 2011

The race is on

I got Nokia by mail last Friday so the race is on since then. Unbelievable how good camera the N8 has compared to that that this is still a phone. I am competing with the weather this days. Primoz Regina and me experienced some nice waves above Vipava valley while waiting for the flight that never happened.

We got more lucky on Sunday where we where able to just jump down as inversion layer was too low. Regina showed her abilities of acting in the air so we made some nice close up shots in the air. Here is a frame taken from a video that day. Thank you Regina for this one and for other presents :)

Primoz was here with his 13.5 which looks great on the ground and in the air. I am regaining the confidence with handling that this glider should have. I flew with 13,2 which was much more sensitive than mine 13,7 so 13.5 should be good in the air. I am waiting for next month to get it.

Monday was the day where I was left with out flying again as fog came under the start so safe landing was impossible. Still I got some nice shots over the sunset on ramp with the use of glide cam for the first time.
Now snow is predicted so I desperately hope for a good weather next days so I get a chance to get more aerial shots for Nokia video contest.
Here are some pictures from 13.5

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