sreda, 05. januar 2011

Slowing down the take off

As I saw what is possible to do with this "slow down the movie plugin" I wanted to take a look at takeoff also. I took one where I shot from the wing, since we have an upside down option on GoPro it is easier to do it. This was launch on the ramp above Gorica on a day with really low wind.

On the last day of the year Polona got us together by emails, the idea was to see each other and fly on the last day of the year. I humbly asked if I am allowed to come with a paraglider as I am with out the wing at the moment :=) They allowed me to come.

Well it was nice as I did not had to carry the glider for last km to the starting place on Kovk, but, in the air, ah in the air….
Quite many pilots came, I saw also some new faces under the hang gliders and even better, young faces :=)

There is one thing I found out this day while flying, shift gear down while flying a school paraglider as when you turn around you might see that you are quite low for a glide to the landing :=)

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