četrtek, 30. december 2010

Time is runing fast,

so let`s slow it down. When you browse the internet sometimes you come across some very usefull things. I got a new plugin for my Premiere video editing program that can slow down the video with adding the frames, so the video stays nice and smooth.

My first attempt was to see the slow moition of my landing. Still a LOT to learn with TWIXTOR plugin but it looks good enough. Computer had to burn for 3 hours to render this shot.

Kermit, my last glider went to a new owner to south Italy and I am super happy to see it flying already in videos that are coming from Francesco.
I got a lot of answers from Jeff O`brien, Gerolf and Primoz about gliders for 2011 but in the end I choosed for me the cheapest option to buy a brand new Combat 13.5.
Well the cheapest in the way that I get new wing for the first time in my life.

Aeros made a new glider with 13.5 square meters with aspect ratio of 8.5. The tail worked out good for me last season as I felt really safe with it in the air. I am looking for something the same this year. It is a question of handling with this aspect ratio but they say it should be the same as previous models. We will see soon enough in February. Long wating for me.

So when I wait, I clear up my head with some small jump with a paraglider. Last time I was on take off and noticed woman and a man preparing for base from paraglider. I started behind them and tried to catch the jump with the camera. Here is the shot from 2 days ago.

So my friends, we`re in the end of 2011, whish you all the best in new year, many and
safe landings.

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