nedelja, 05. december 2010

Talking about winter in Slovenia or better, Nova Gorica

Winter came with lots of snow also here in Slovenia. We had a price giving of Slovenian free flying association on Friday last week. Next day, paragliders had a Winter leauge competition at Lijak in Nova Gorica. The day was predicted to be a good one. Snow almost to the landing zone provided good gradient from the Vipava valley so they had a superb day in the air. I used this day as one of rear free days to chill out my head from every day working. Well it was a mistake...

You can look at the video of Primoz Susa, one of the Slovenian top pilots, also a Red Bull X-Alps contestor from 2009.

Paragliding WinterCup - Fantazija, Task2 from primozjavascript:void(0).susa on Vimeo.

This years prices of me and my club

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