petek, 16. april 2010

The GoPro mount to the base bar

There where many people asking about how I mounted the camera to the speed bar. Since I don`t have time to fabricate something fancy it was a short trip to the first gardening store where I searched for a retractable tube. I found a very nice tube that has this ability and in the end it doesn`t go appart so I don`t have to worry about pulling the tube so much out that it would actualy fall out.
This is the first high tech peace that you need for this mount. I found it for 10 EUR. Next high tech peace is elastic rope with which you attach the tube in to the area where speed bar and upright are conected. You can squeeze the tube in that place so it is fixed in all directions.
NExt high tech thing is with the GoPro. I used a tripod mount which I had to order with my camera and then I used the mount from Compeo or Flytec or.... To attach the camera to the tube.
It is not the less weight solution but it is good to have a possibility to turn the camera in what direction you want. See the pictures to understand this realy high tech solution :)

The elastic mount

There is one big fault to this design. You need to land properly because the tube wont move if you land your nose down... :)

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mikha pravi ...

Hi Matjaz!

Thanks for that, will do something similar.
Yes, looks very simple but effective :)

Anonimni pravi ...

Thank you for sharing your experience :))