četrtek, 01. april 2010

Bassano 2010

Bassano is again looking like the real Bassano. Mud everywhere, rain every 5 minutes, and cold, but not that much as in year 2008.
Today they cancelled the first task already at the morning briefing. Pilots went to the top and flew a bit. I was a driver today for Primoz and Franc and I flet like a tourist with camera on the take off. For next days they say that we should definetly fly tommorow and the day after, then for sunday we should see. At the landing I had a chance to picture Manfred smugeling around T2c and a Litespeed with a tail.
So here we are in caravan in mud feeling touristic.... I hope tommorow comes fast.

Manfred looking for "something"

Moyes with a tail

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