četrtek, 08. april 2010

The dream after Bassano

Already in Bassano I was watching the forecast for my home town Tolmin and it looked great for Tuesday. I had one day off more before returning to work and scholl and the day looked like a day to use. I was trilled to fly again in Tolmin after a long winter where I flew on Lijak in Nova Gorica. Ridge is the ridge, mountains are the mountains. I prepared myself already one day before with my new gadget GoPro camera and my mount to the base bar for it. My goal was to reach the mountains in the back of Kobala. The day was totaly clear with out clouds with a bit of north wind. There were many dust devils on Kobala take off so I was holding the glider quite many times. After the start it didn`t looked good but soon I thermaled high enough to reach for the mountains. Well after that, let the pictures speak for themselves.
The video is coming soon.

My beautiful home valley

In to the wild

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