petek, 02. april 2010

1. task second day of Bassano 2010

We had a nice, around 100 km task today. A standard direction to Thiene where we had second turnpoint and then back to Asolo on the flats before reaching the goal. The day was good with strong thermals, and lots of nice clouds which where not always a marker of a good thermal. There is still a lot of moisture so even nicest cumuluses where not always promesing. I did quite good until I pushed to low to the Asolo turnpoint so I landed 200 m short of goal cilinder. The trees where just getting biger and biger so I decided to land before and not look for my luck at passing power lines and tree line.
Our Primoz won the day. I forgot how where next places, it would be nice if organisators would put those results on internet which is realy easy thing to do, but,,,,. Franc Peternel was 9th and I was 27th after a mistake on a final glide.
We hope for a task tommorow aldo weather doesn`t look so good.

Now it is sleeping time after a long italian slow food dinner.

Here is a picture of Primoz coming in to the goal. Picture was tken by Steve Leeman.

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