sobota, 03. april 2010

2nd task 3th day of Bassano 2010

The organisators predicted small task for today but in the end they made it almost
the same as yesterday with first turn point more in the flats, around 100km. There was rain predicted for afternoon so they sent us in the air much earlier. We started at 12:45 with a big gaggle under low cloudbase. I though I started good but then I saw guys starting from the other side of the start pylon with a much bigger height.
We scratched at low heights and in the end I made it to the cloud base again. We flew to Thiene again. Over the huge plateu there was rain waiting for us. I crossed the valley with to less height. Seppi was sctratching low and eventually made it back up. I looked for a better thermal and of course did not find it. It was a slow though race. I think some 10 to 20 made it to the goal. Manfred Rhumer won the day. This was the first group that passed the rain that came after Thiene soon as I landed. Primoz unfortunatly landed some km over me, too bad due to yesterday good win. Peternel was in top 10 again today.
For tommorow they predict rain and no task. We are here in caravan in rain and thank good for this small little thing called heather which is making our lives here a pleasure. At the landing field there is a traditional fair of free flying gear. I had chance to actually see my picture in Cross country magazine in April issue.
It was the photo that won the facebook competition.
Richard Lovelace sent me the link to the RESULTS of the first day. Here there should be also the results from today soon.
So in the end we flew for two days now. I hope that tommorow goes over fast, so on Monday we get some flying.

Here are some pictures from today

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