torek, 16. marec 2010

AEROS WINTER RACE 2010 "the video"

As always I put together the video of last week competition to remind you all fellow pilots for great time we had together, and to those who were not here to have a touch of what was going on around here.

Enjoy the vid

For better quality follow the link to YOUTUBE

ponedeljek, 15. marec 2010

Finnaly a goal maker

Well so it ended the AEROS Winter race yesterday with a complicated task with turnpoints over the flats. I did quite good ending 7th on the task so I finnaly got the comp where I did not f.... up everything on one day :)
It was an amazing flight when we flew the first part mostly on the flats. I flew a lot with Oleg and Manfred Trimmel so we managed together to cross the valley back to the ridge. Quite low at this point but slowly we climbed back to normal height and then on it was easier ridge flying. Elio took second time and because of that lost the fight to Tom Weissenberger (AUT) who won the competiton and Primoz Gricar (SLO) on second place. I finished on 8th position which I find good for me.
The whole competition came out realy good, the practice of Kobala open team showed up also here in good organisation. The weather cooperated perfectly. Pilots did their best fighting against the task comitte who where trying to make a selection with interesting tasks.
Now it is time for muscle hibernate a little bit, in 14 days we are already in Bassano, wow, I like it :)

sobota, 13. marec 2010

100 km 2nd task Aeros winter race

Today we had a 100 km task on the ridge and flats. I messed on start and flew the task by myself, maybe a bit too much touristic as I was too slow in the end. The conditions were great, up to 2000m with 6 m/s top lift. We had some realy rough time flying acrosss the valley to Nova Gorica but the tail worked again. In that trashed air mass I fell confident aldo it was like hiting the wall from time to time. In the end I ended up 15th and in overal 10th. Tomorrow we have another to fly and I am looking forward for it. You can see the track log HERE
Tomorrow I will be finnaly an owner of this green glider. My last one went to Croatia to Alen and I am sure that he will have some more nice hours with it as I had.
Primoz was so generous that he borowed me this glider for the comp either way if I would buy it or not. I got infected in first 5 minutes with it :)
Hope for a good day tommorow..

petek, 12. marec 2010

AEROS winter race, I like it :=)

We had a 70 km task today. I somehow managed to start out of the cilinder totaly oposit way then next turnpoint was and lost the first guys. We flew nice aldo there was a overcasted sky almost all the time. Regina showed all suspicious pilots that there actually is lift :)
I managed to stay with te group and finnaly had a feeling of flight with the best guns for a longer time. I climbed with this tail like baloon, I was able to chase Oleg in climbs which I found very satisfiable :) We came back to the last ridge for taking the last turnpoint where Stanislav made a good choice and went for it with out climbing, Elio, Tom, Oleg and I waited a bit more and so he won the day. I came the last in this pack but still satisfied with the glider and with my flying. Too bad that Elio Cataldi had problems with Compeo, it was his first time he flew with out the reserve one, imagine this. Many pilots in goal, many happy faces and a good weather report for tommorow. What do we want more :)

Official results are HERE

četrtek, 11. marec 2010

Training day?

Was this a training day? We flew so nice in hidden corner of Lijak where "Burja" wind could not catch us. The air was steady so we were all buzzing the ridge several times. Those who didn`t flew this year were able to test their equipment and their arms. I was testing the first one, Primoz land me his 09 Combat with a tail. All I can say is poetry. Flies realy nice, handles perfect and you feel confident on glide. So handling realy soft but still stiff in all bumps you get on the course, I will curtenly like this glider. The weather for tommorow looks great.

sreda, 10. marec 2010

First day of Winter race (Wanna surf?)

We have epic strong wind here in Vipava valley today with gusts to 160 km/h. So guess what, the task has been cancelled due to a bit too strong back wind on the start :)

Forecast is looking good for Friday and on, maybe we fly even tommorow but we will see.

Just to have a touch of what is going on right here

Official blog of the comp HERE

sreda, 03. marec 2010

7 more days to a start of the comp season

Here it is already starting to fell like spring. Of course more then it warms up, more we look up to the sky after long winter. In 7 days we start with Aeros winter race and for now it looks quite good with weather so I hope for a good race. On saturday we will warm up with Slovenian league so we see if we are still able to adjust the instruments after a long time :)
Feels good to be back on the track with competitions and flying. I will fly with a tail this time in this comp so comparison will be written here also. I hope to get an interview with Oleg Bondarchuk and Primoz Gricar about this "new" design.
Here is a picture taken from the video of flight last week. It was actualy made in time when Aeros winter race should be but it was resceduled. Well the weather was nice for flying but I belive that squezing the task on that kind of day would be realy hard.

So the gear is prepared, we only wait for the 10th of March to start for real.