sreda, 03. marec 2010

7 more days to a start of the comp season

Here it is already starting to fell like spring. Of course more then it warms up, more we look up to the sky after long winter. In 7 days we start with Aeros winter race and for now it looks quite good with weather so I hope for a good race. On saturday we will warm up with Slovenian league so we see if we are still able to adjust the instruments after a long time :)
Feels good to be back on the track with competitions and flying. I will fly with a tail this time in this comp so comparison will be written here also. I hope to get an interview with Oleg Bondarchuk and Primoz Gricar about this "new" design.
Here is a picture taken from the video of flight last week. It was actualy made in time when Aeros winter race should be but it was resceduled. Well the weather was nice for flying but I belive that squezing the task on that kind of day would be realy hard.

So the gear is prepared, we only wait for the 10th of March to start for real.

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