sobota, 13. marec 2010

100 km 2nd task Aeros winter race

Today we had a 100 km task on the ridge and flats. I messed on start and flew the task by myself, maybe a bit too much touristic as I was too slow in the end. The conditions were great, up to 2000m with 6 m/s top lift. We had some realy rough time flying acrosss the valley to Nova Gorica but the tail worked again. In that trashed air mass I fell confident aldo it was like hiting the wall from time to time. In the end I ended up 15th and in overal 10th. Tomorrow we have another to fly and I am looking forward for it. You can see the track log HERE
Tomorrow I will be finnaly an owner of this green glider. My last one went to Croatia to Alen and I am sure that he will have some more nice hours with it as I had.
Primoz was so generous that he borowed me this glider for the comp either way if I would buy it or not. I got infected in first 5 minutes with it :)
Hope for a good day tommorow..

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