ponedeljek, 15. marec 2010

Finnaly a goal maker

Well so it ended the AEROS Winter race yesterday with a complicated task with turnpoints over the flats. I did quite good ending 7th on the task so I finnaly got the comp where I did not f.... up everything on one day :)
It was an amazing flight when we flew the first part mostly on the flats. I flew a lot with Oleg and Manfred Trimmel so we managed together to cross the valley back to the ridge. Quite low at this point but slowly we climbed back to normal height and then on it was easier ridge flying. Elio took second time and because of that lost the fight to Tom Weissenberger (AUT) who won the competiton and Primoz Gricar (SLO) on second place. I finished on 8th position which I find good for me.
The whole competition came out realy good, the practice of Kobala open team showed up also here in good organisation. The weather cooperated perfectly. Pilots did their best fighting against the task comitte who where trying to make a selection with interesting tasks.
Now it is time for muscle hibernate a little bit, in 14 days we are already in Bassano, wow, I like it :)

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