petek, 12. marec 2010

AEROS winter race, I like it :=)

We had a 70 km task today. I somehow managed to start out of the cilinder totaly oposit way then next turnpoint was and lost the first guys. We flew nice aldo there was a overcasted sky almost all the time. Regina showed all suspicious pilots that there actually is lift :)
I managed to stay with te group and finnaly had a feeling of flight with the best guns for a longer time. I climbed with this tail like baloon, I was able to chase Oleg in climbs which I found very satisfiable :) We came back to the last ridge for taking the last turnpoint where Stanislav made a good choice and went for it with out climbing, Elio, Tom, Oleg and I waited a bit more and so he won the day. I came the last in this pack but still satisfied with the glider and with my flying. Too bad that Elio Cataldi had problems with Compeo, it was his first time he flew with out the reserve one, imagine this. Many pilots in goal, many happy faces and a good weather report for tommorow. What do we want more :)

Official results are HERE

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