petek, 27. avgust 2010

Buzzing the paragliding comp

Here you can see how it looks like when a hang glider pilot comes to the top where there is paragliding comp. Lots of interest in material, almost too much some times with touching and twisting :)
Kobala has some shade but for some time the best view to the valley was from my glider so jelly fish pilots soon sarcasticly said that there is actually a use of a glider :)
Well I flew with top guns yesterday in the air and was amased by the glides that those new Mantras,Bommies and Peakies are getting, ok speed is our side of story. They will need to make not two liners but wirelles paras to concure the side of the speed. Speaking to the pilots you realise that top gliders are flown only by top pilots, where I see a bit of difference here with hang gliding. Ussualy if you fly an intermidiate glider for so much time that you have some experience then you have no problem to fly a top wing. Here at paragliding comp you get the felling that not many pilots are willing to fly the true competiton wing (Open class). Even if they have lots of experiences. The stair between intermidiate and comp wings is smaller in our sport then in paragliding. At hang gliding competition I can glide with Alex, Primoz or Gerolf but in paragliding if you are not in some way conected to some factory then you are likely out of the game due to the equipment problems. Well Mantras made it a bit different this year.

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Desirée pravi ...

Ha....what do I see here? A lot of jellyfish ladies gathering around your glider. I don't believe the glider attracts them....
Hahaha, must be you!