ponedeljek, 02. avgust 2010

Playground garden (Monte Cucco)

So we arrived, with two of my ex-students to Monte Cucco, the site where pre - rolds are going on right now. It was nice to see many familiar faces again after Ager :) Really a long time :)
We came at 5pm when many pilots where in goal already, but the sky looked like it was worth a try already today. I will play a tourist this time with my camera and try to make something good out of it. Cucco is the perfect place for that, land and change the angle of the camera and fly again. Where is Malibu? :)

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Matze pravi ...

Can´t wait to see more Pictures and News from the Competition. And a small tipp: if you are tired of Cucco, try one Day in Castelluccio di Norcia, but you might know this allready.