ponedeljek, 23. avgust 2010

End of Kobala open 2010

So it ended up, with three valid tasks. The weather this year was not on the side of the competition as we had to fly in strong east wind conditions. The overall winners where from 1st to 3th with Primoz Gricar on top, Franc Peternel on 2nd followed by Peter Kejzar. You even didn`t need to make a goal any day to be 5th overall, this tells the story of conditions we where in. My flying.... Phhhh, like sh.... I have to do something radical to change my flying here in my home valley :) The curse of home flying goes on, so lets hope for next year.

It was nice to see all friends again, some of them sadly went before the weather became better but timing with work is usually a big issue for most of us.

Now I will try to catch some of them in Greifenburg if weather goes as predicted. Maybe I get to fly Gerolfs Litespeed as I would like to see what else is in the hands of other best pilots in the world. It is going to be interesting for a pilot that likes the tail, to fly something different. We will see.

Here is a photo album from Kobala open that you might enjoy

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