četrtek, 09. september 2010

Cross country magazine video contest

I`ve been looking for a long time for a copyright music so I would be able to enter the Cross Country video contest. My friends from Tolmin an ex band Expulsion offered me to use their music for my video so the last obstacle was overcomed.
With some problems on Facebook, they decided to take the videos that have followed the rules, to their web page. Now everyone can vote for the video they like by only pressing one button before the desired video. No mail subscriptions etc.

Here is the video that me and Nena cooked at home to make a story of Substitute for a dream. If you like it follow to the web page of CROSS COUNTRY MAGAZINE and vote for the video (It takes less then a minute)

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Evgeniya Laritskaya pravi ...

Nena, Matjaz, that's so cool:) I can't stop laughing:)