nedelja, 19. februar 2012

New world disorder (Paragliding landing camping)

We consider ourselves a free flyers, yet, it does not mean we fly with out any rules. I found myself again walking trough the landing field trying to convince our jelly fish friends that inflating and ground handling does not fit to the middle of the landing field. If someone is in need of ground handling training please, move to the side of the landing field.

I kindly asked a guy to stop doing that there and move to the side, but I just got back a selfish smile and the procedure went on for next 20 minutes before he finally started to pack his jelly in the middle of the field.
Considering his fat jelly he must have been a beginner, so guilt is all on his very own paragliding instructor who must be another piece of human kind that thinks everything flies just like the paraglider does.

I don`t know how can you find something like this funny, when you are doing something that can cause serious injuries or even death to both.

Dear Jellyfish friends,

please do consider that not everything flies like your jelly fishes do. I fly both so I can argue about it. With the jelly you can land in the middle of the crowd with a speed that every idiot will be able to move away. I, on the other hand, come down with 120+ kg mass full of tubes, wires and myself. If I am 5 m above the ground pointing at you believe me, I will crash in to you. I can not change the path when I get that low, so my only save out of this will be to smack your head with the tubes and save my bones.

Do you consider yourself as a human being that wants to make air a safe playground? Well, it does not stop there, we need to behave like that also on the ground.
Why do planes don`t park in the middle of the air strip??? And I think that they don´t need to tell them to move away, because it is obvious.

It is every schools job, that teaches their students about culture behaviour both in the air and on the ground, moving to the side of the landing should be one of the main things.

It really pisses me off when I see that someone can be so stupid that he would actually laugh at you when you try to do something better in the way of safety. That is the main problem of paragliding sport, it is far to easy to learn, so if it is easy, everyone gets in to the air. People who have something in their heads, and people who just don´t have.

Please excuse me for some words, I am not telling that everyone is doing it wrong, but as we said before, bigger number of pilots brings also bigger number of idiots that don´t think outside jelly fish square. Landing field is called landing field because people land there, not camp there.

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Francesco Marsella pravi ...

This also happens to give our field landing! damn jellyfish. Ciao Matjaz


Unfortunately this happens all over the world!
It is necessary norm in schools.
There are no police to enforce the rule, but we should be the riders who reprimissim who do not comply.
No need to create differences between paragliders and hang gliders, all pilots are flying free and we take care of together.

Davide F.C. pravi ...

what to say Matjaz.... we spoke many many times about that... same kind of stupid brains under a jelly crossed last year the Aidovscina airfield, few meters in front of the tow plane that was tooking off with a glider behind.... no words... :-\

Anonimni pravi ...

Unfortunately this is just the mirror of our today˙s society. It happens in every field of our lives not only at the landing field and we (pg) pilots are not any better than average people. Sad but true.
What to do? I believe your reaction in field, your and our writing is a small contribution. We should be even louder...

Petr Polách pravi ...

I agreed! I am paraglider pilot but I grow up with my parents - glider pilots- on the airport.

The ability to obey the rule of many pg pilots is very bad! Sometimes when I am watching all around it, they we must be seen as a band of hipies without deeper knowledge of rules and mechanics of flying.

Thats sad to hear and even more to say as from me- as pg pilot.

Marcello pravi ...

we have problems with jellyfish in takeoff too:(