ponedeljek, 06. februar 2012

Lanzarote video

It took me some time to make this video. My laptop just got retired from video work as he refused to do anything more, or whatever he did was just to slow to keep the artistic amusement flowing.
Now I invested money in to new home computer which will be my working horse for future projects. Videos from Lanzarote where patiently waiting to be cut in to one segment that works together. Pity that I was not able to include interviews with Seppi and Bob, but the noise of Lanzarote wind was just too big to use this clips inside.

Hope you will enjoy this one ;)

2 komentarja:

Eva pravi ...

amazing footage of an amazing place thanks for sharing!

Anonimni pravi ...

really nice video! lanzarote is just the best winter escape