ponedeljek, 13. februar 2012

Ice age 3

As you can see, not much flying past days... Only strong wind which cost town of Nova Gorica extra 2 million € in damage. Next to this the temperatures went down much bellow average and the nature started to build up ice sculptures. Even Soca river is getting ice where it has a slow current. All in all I have so much work past days that it would be really hard to look at flyable sky. Having a break in summer with comps is a must with a tempo where I work 10 hours a day and when I am off I have telephone calls all the time, which means zero free time... Really really looking forward for some time off at Winter race which is coming in 1 month. First race this year will be our league race in about 3 weeks from now.
So back to the cold. Kobala and Gorica are all with out the snow while east part of Slovenia is covered under half meter of snow. When the wind will drop we will fly, I think already on Friday.
Just to get the idea of how cold it is this days, take a look at picture of Kozjak waterfall I made yesterday.

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