ponedeljek, 12. september 2011

Tandem flying in Tolmin

There are always many people asking about tandem flying with me but usually we are always with a lack of time for this things during the comp season. This weekend there was W wind for 3 days on take off so there where perfect conditions to do some tandems and show the people what we are up to up there. As I had my glider in Gorica I used my brother to have a flight on Friday, I needed a passenger and he was asking me about it for ages already. I got a bit of air time and he finally got to taste what it looks like to be up there with the hang glider. September is the best time for this things, air gets calmer so you can fly easily with this air bus and of course the landing in the midday is easier as there is less turbulence on the landing field. Here is a video from Saturday

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