petek, 02. september 2011

SerialCUP in Tolmin

As for all the drama that is happening now in paragliding world, guys from Slovenia already made a plan in beginning of the year to make a only serial class competition. It is all happening now in Tolmin, you can find the link here They invited some of the best pg pilots in the world to share their knowledge trough the flying on relatively same wings (serial) and seminars that they organise in the evening. Here is a video of a Swiss pilot Michael Sigel that I made with my Nokia N8 as it turned out it was the best cam we had at the moment :D Maybe many pilots wont hear nothing new in it but I strongly recommend it to newbies to refresh some thoughts about the comp flying, you can connect it in many ways to our comps as well.

MichelSigelPresentation from PARADAIS on Vimeo.

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