torek, 27. september 2011

Flats and tows

So, I spent my 5 days in the Netherlands and I have to say I had some good time. First day it was a rainy bicycle run on the Ameland island where Desiree had a lot of knowledge about the nature there as it is amazing to see and even better to actually know at what you are looking at.
Second day I got a chance to have a try to fake the famous pancakes from Kobarid next to my home town :) Well, 4 man in the kitchen was calling for some extra testing with how to make a sweet pancake mass to a salted one :) We somehow made it and it was nice to see Caspar and Ivo after a long time.

Next day we went to Stadskanaal where Rinus has a Dragonfly on the airfield which is used to tow Dutch pilots in to the air there.
Desiree kindly trusted me and land me her Litesport and Matrix harness. Having all that new it was quite an expectation of what is going to happen when I will have to ride a glider fast and low behind the tow.
Rob was very very good in giving me the tips of what to expect and what he wants to see from me when I get in the line.
I had one of the best if not the best pilot in Europe to tow me up. Experienced and always calm Rinus showed me the signs that he is ready to pull the throttle.
I hold on to the the dolly with the plastics and went for a run. First 20 m in the air, the Alpine pilot was still catching the path with the hips movement, but I soon got the game how to go behind the tow.
I made three nice tows with strong wind, cross and a gentle evening one. On the firstone me and Rob even went on a cross country flight but it all soon ended up as the thermals where gone. I felt like a student again when Rob was serious explaining me how to do stuff, but yes I was also happy as a student in the evening because I tried finally the towing stile of taking off.
With good hints nothing really special, just you got to do it right, but hey, you got to do it right also on a mountain take off :D

I am grateful to have people like Rob Desiree and Rinus that gave me a chance to try it, so thank you all :)

Enough of talking, here is a nice video of the flights.

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