četrtek, 30. junij 2011

Task 3, Croatia open

North wind was again waiting for us in the heights, I don't remember that kind of weather here in Istria since I am here. We where at take off Ucka again, rigging in hot sun and sitting on the ramp in cold bresse. That combination led to many back pain among the pilots.
Getting to the cloud base was harder today, quite tourbulent air again made the game interesting. My bad luck continued today as well, my VG got stuck in to a plastick ring. I tried to fix it in the air and managed somehow, but after next glide I was being thrown around again, trying to get the VG cord running.
From the start cilinder it all went out to the blue flats with out any cloud showing signs of thermals. I did not felt safe to fly with group of pilots with stuck VG on such a hard day. I slowly managed to released the VG and went for a landing.
Primoz won the day before Franc Peternel and Alan Sattler. So for now it looks like Primoz is leading before Franc and Stanislav Galovec. Slovenia on first three places.
Today we have a day off as rain woke us in the morning.
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