torek, 28. junij 2011

Croatia open, task 2, 102 km

Today we watched the clouds on Ucka who where telling us that there is surprise waiting for us up there. Stronger North wind then yesterday was calling for a rodeo. In the valley we should have an west wind. Task sent us over the flats with return to Ucka and a run to the flats again. I waited for the start outside under the cloud where I experienced one of the most severe tourbulence in my past years. North wind indeed. 5 minutes before the start I waiyed for too long under the dying cloud so I ended up strugelling for the better position for next start gate after 30 minutes. No chance to get back up from the lower ridge so I ended up on the official landing field with out even starting the race. 3 pilots made it to the goal with Stanislav Galovec was first in goal. Really bad that we don't have him in the team, maybe Davis can make some work for us :)
The weather is getting worse on Thursday so tommorow is maybe the last day.

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corinnaflies pravi ...

Hi Matjaz, great work! Keep on posting photos and the results, as they are nowhere else to see! Wish I could have flown with you,

Anonimni pravi ...

No, you got it wrong. Davis can only fix it for you, if you want someone out of your team ;-)