ponedeljek, 20. junij 2011

Camping in my home town

I supposed to go to Monte Cucco and join Jochen Zeischka for a 3 day flying at Sigillo, but he told me that the weather isn`t going to be good so he plans to come to my place.
I was happy to have a new pilot here and show him around the Soca valley. Regina also came so the company was too nice to stay at home, so I stayed in a camp for two days in my home town :)
We had two nice days that did not provide some extra flying distances but I had great time showing Jochen around the Soca valley. Flying with bald eagles was as interesting as the first day I saw them. They fly so close to us as they are used to us. We all had cameras with us so this is what it came out after two days. Watch it in HD.

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