nedelja, 31. oktober 2010

Season 2010

Well, it is not over yet, but I took all of my videos and cut the best parts out of them to a nice video, that shows a bit of my flying this year. Since I got a GoPro in my hands this year I was finally able to show the beauty of our sport to many people. Before it was only possible to talk about how nice it is when you come in to the high peaks behind Tolmin and you enjoy the wilderness of nature. Now I can show that too. People start to ask about it. Publishing everything also to Facebook just adds the number of people that can actually get a feeling about our sport
I payed for the GoPro around 350 €. With it, I got a great footage of flying this year, I won the Cross Country video contest and got a paragliding harness which Nena will now use, so looking in another way I already got my money back :)

Yes, the era of having a driver at any time is ending for me as Nena is taking lessons to start paragliding. Seems like days will be longer as we will have to retrieve the car from the mountain everyday but still I am looking forward to see her in the air. It is going to be really interesting :)

I remember how it felt when I flew with my father, although he was way more experienced than I was, I was always scared for him. Wonder how it felt for him as I was buzzing the valley at 16 years of age. Those where magic moments.

Hang gliding season in 2010 from Matjaz Klemencic on Vimeo.

Girls being jellyfishes...

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