petek, 15. oktober 2010

Skeletons in the closet (Ager pitch measurments)

My friend sent me this pictures of pitch measurments at Europeans in Ager this year. I remember from Laragne, they where published on net, well here we have them in picuture. Any anomaly?
Well let me help you. As you can see all Aeros models with a tail are on 0° all others are in the range to -2°. Why? Rule is that gliders can be -2° from DHV measurments, but for Aeros tailed models this rule was set to 0.
The problem was that FAI did not have an official measurments for tailed models. The glider was tested but papers somehow stayed somewhere on the desk. 0 points for Aeros here.
Looking now, I see that all Aeros gliders with a tail where set to 4 and 6° minimum, which is now the official measurment in the papers. So eventually if papers would be on the right desk at the right time we could go 2° lower. Suprisingly Aeros gliders where flying on top with the others even with this handicap. So this point goes to Aeros.
I just hope that next year papers will be, where they should be at a time.

And for the record: I am not an Aeros dealer as some thought this year :)

Too see the pictures click on them and view in the bigest size.

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