nedelja, 21. november 2010

Drowning land

Slovenia is in past month a land of rain. I think I saw sun for 3 times this month. Doesn`t help you with your thoughts either not with your general feelings.
Seems like it autunm is an era of problems which feel even bigger when you don`t get the satisfaction of flying for a long time. I was working late this friday and woke up to a strange light out of the window. THE SUN!
As I had to work early again I woke up my room mate and beggged him for his paraglider. While still half sleeping he asked me why the hell I will fly and why he won`t. Don`t worry you can sleep longer today as weather is like sh.... I said to him :)

It was like sh.. but it was possible to just jump down and have at least a small spark in this era of rain. Here is a shot from Saturday.

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