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Back home after Monte Cucco and Buzet

So we ended our 14 day comp holidays at Buzet and Monte Cucco. On the last day of Buzet we were suprised by the win of my friend Alan who flew constantly good and win the overall competition in front of Dan and Miroslav. He was making a joke that if he wins then we can cut his hair sooooo, we did it :) at the price giving ceremony. At Buzet we flew all 5 days of the competition and then went on to Monte Cucco. Flavio was so kind that he let us a window of 1 day to come from Buzet to Monte Cucco and relax before the competition. Otherwise we should drive trough the night and fly in the morning already. Competition at Monte Cucco was from the weather view not that good but we managed to make 3 tasks and a valid competition. We flew always to the north side or at Tree pizzi or at Monte Cucco north take off. I was again flying quite good until the last day when I f.... all with landing just a bit more than minimum distance. We were waiting under the cloud for the start and 4 minutes before the start cloud dissapired and then I had quite a rough fly in the lee side of Monte Cucco. Alex Ploner the world champion won the competition overal just a bit ahead of Primoz Gricar and Davide Guiduci. As promessed bellow you will find also a picture of Aeros Combat L 2010 which Primoz flew with at Buzet and Monte Cucco. Glider has amazing thermal posibilities and glides very very good BUT so does the pilot :) The glider looks amazing already on the ground. In 14 days I managed to get my feeling better in the air also with a help of Primoz as we changed the lenght of my hang loop and that made a significant difference in handling of the glider so now I feel even more confortable at it. Next week we start with a national open competition KOBALA OPEN. Many pilots are coming from Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy and Macedonia. It`s gonna be a colorfull group on the start and we hope for a good weather. As this year on worlds we will do the same with a blog from the competition so you will be able to interact with the competition every day.

Blog link is HERE

So the show must go on they say :)

Here are some pictures from Buzet and Monte Cucco

Start Buzet

Primoz landing at Buzet

Take off at Raspadalica

Alan and cuting his hair

Winners of Croatia open and Chezh open

Primoz and his AEROS proto

Regina at Tree Pizzi

Christa take off

Winners of Monte Cucco trophy

Winner takes it all :)

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