petek, 31. julij 2009

4th task, Buzet Croatia

And again it happened. Same like last year I made a mistake on one day and been bombed out. We had a task 95 km long and the day looked better then the previous. I thermal up to the celling of 1800m and started with the first time but by myself. Over the valley I found no lift in a no landing area and returned back to Buzet flying trough the gorge very low. I managed to the safe landing and then looked at the others flying more to the north with nice thermals. Dan won the day ahead of Primoz. Today it is very windy so we don't know about the task but I hope for it as I fell down on the overall results a lot. Today is the last day of competition. That would be all for now.

S storitvijo Windows Live lahko organizirate, urejate in dajete v skupno rabo fotografije.

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