sreda, 29. julij 2009

3. task, Buzet 130 km and the RESULTS

Seems like 130 km task was too much today to make it. We had a very beautiful flight in to the center of Istria and on the last part blue sky waited for us. Many of us landed when flying into this blue area. Jan from Chech republic flew the most but ended up before goal. I finished 6th today Alan was 5th and Primoz was second. It was a hard day with easy thermals so we were scraching first kilometers really slow, but the view payed all. Primoz spend 6 and a half hours in the air so it tells how hard it was. The competition is running smooth and we will fly more for next two days. I improve my position to 6th place overall so I look forward for next two days. I managed to get the results to the blog as Leo lend me his computer with mobile internet. Here you have the results from today and overall results. It is made like a picture but I could not make it other way.

P.s.: Sorry for not writing the emails back but here I am totally unpluged so I hope to get it in Italy and respond to you all.

Here are the results

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