ponedeljek, 24. avgust 2009


So we ended up the competition of Slovenian open 2009. We had a wonderfull weather with 4 tasks, many women competitors and many great comp pilots. All together provided the competition with a good quality flying, great new friendships and whole lot of fun doing it. I puted myself too much work with helping organiser and flying together but the joy of seeing pilots happy at the end of competition counted for all. The weather realy worked for us as the cloudbase was higher then usualy so predicting the weather was a hard job. The tasks were made trough out all the valleys so the pilots could feel the touch of our area in all its possibilities. I would like to thank all the pilots and support teams to providing us such a great comp with such a great flying and a great charma over all competition.

You can find the results of the competition HERE

Jamie Shelden was also writing about the comp on her BLOG
Thank you Jamie for a beautifull words from our Soca valley :)

I took my time today to organise the photos from the comp and you can see them in this slideshow.

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