torek, 24. marec 2009

Second in goal but yet 3rd

We had a second race this weekend for a national league. We gattered together on Lijak at the ramp because Lijak starting place was covered with paragliders. This sunday we had a day of our free flight organisation .
We set up a task of 80 km from Nova Gorica to Nanos and back. I was behind many pilots arriving to Nanos, the most further point from our start. It was very turbulent I had many problems with climbing over the ridge but I somehow made it. On the last jump over the valley to the last ridge there where 4 pilots waiting to get the height for crossing. We managed to get over so the race started again for me. On last 2 km I took the lead very low. Maybe I somehow sleept on the way and flew to slow or I was maybe watching for my height as I was almost to low to reach the goal. Franc Peternel came from behind and got in front of me just some 100 m before the goal. Aaah experiences.... Quite a lot to learn. Anyway on third place came Peter Kejzar but trough the scoring got in front of me as he was leading the race more than any of us. So the new glider is flying superb, I will still need to adjust my self to it but it shouldnt be a big problem. Bassano here we come!

My new glider, Combat L 08

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