ponedeljek, 02. marec 2009

Now we can say the word SPRING

This Saturday I flew again but now with my Combat L for the first time this year. We went with 3 of my students to Kovk starting place 50 km south from my home town. There were at least 20 hang glider pilots on the top, that was a view to remember. Primoz, Regina and their friends came also from Germany to escape the high snow in Germany and Austria. It was nice to see all those friends again. The wind was quite strong and the visibility was very low but still it was a good day to fly. I felt much more confortable in the air since I changed the cluch in the harness so I was able to adjust the position in the air and enjoy the thermals with out too much strengt. I flew for 1.5 h, I could make it much longer but my chikens (students) were waiting on the top to make their first flight from this mountain. They made a 45minute ridge soaring flight so we were on our way back home with full smile on our faces. Next Saturday the first league comp is coming so we will be again on Kovk, hope with taskable day.

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ferenc pravi ...

Congratulations for the first flight of the year! I just wonder where did you land. I know there is an aiport in that area. Did you actually land there ? Last year I was tempted to do it but I'm not sure about the regulations.

Matjaz pravi ...

Many years ago hang gliders were alowed to land there but not anymore. Now there is a huge landing area just below Kovk, actual landing is not that big but the grass field is large and they have pizza restaurant just next to it :) You can not miss it!!! :)

Kind regards