petek, 20. februar 2009

First thermal this year

There where nice days here last week. Many paragliders and hang gliders made it to 3000 m in Nova Gorica, 45 km from my town. I am stuffed with scholl and I am waiting for a new glider. Today I was again looking at the spring colors and nice sun in our valley. Top of Kobala is still in snow and I should carry my glider on my shoulders for a long time to do it. Thank god we have now a new spare place to start, aldo lower but still you can fly. I took a Atlas glider from my student and went up the hill. Nice road with the car, 15 minutes from my home. There was a NorthWest wind at the top of Kobala and this reserve starting place is looking at the south east. I was suprised to see a nice upwind at the start. It seems that it is so well hidden in the hills that manditory wind does not affect it. But yes it was ligh Northeast. I had to clean the start pleace of all the leaves that people left when we were preparing the place and taking the wood to the top for the owners of the place. They don`t know what we need for the launc....
I started and got a small thermal, I thought if I would be earlier I definetly would be above the start. Now I was scrubing the top of the trees below the start and was happy about it like making a long flight :) That was enough for now to make my day. One week more with scholl and then I am free to do the real air time.

Here is a nice picture of my start today. Desiree and Rob might remember this one as many others from the greatest Dutch team I know :)

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