petek, 21. marec 2008

Overpowered :)

Such a great day.. The day before we were told that weather will be realy good. At the start the task was set to 100km over the long ridge over Bassano. I was little late but came to a start cilinder at a perfect time. We flew the task wich had a lot wind changes. Biggest height of the day was 3700m, I was at 2900.  Sometimes I was low but went ahead with no prolems.

The goal was under me.

3 hours of flying were hard with out any fizical condition in my arms. I even could not pulll the VG full on at the final glide, due to the pain in my mussles. At the landing I thought I was somewhere betwen 40 and 50…. J

After the landing my friend called me, he landed 50 km away from the landing so me and my girlfriend took the ride.

Last 50 m before we found him, the car brokedown. In the middle of NOWHERE.

The exostion in the head was even worser after that. After 200m of bumpy ride, we had luck and found the MAN truck servis with lights on.

The guy said that we can not drive anymore furder. He was able to fix it in the morning next day. How to come back? Where to put the gliders????

The guy was so nice that we were able to put the car with gliders in to the garage under the key. And he also drove us back to the camp. SUCH A SAVIOUR.

Today in the morning we went with my friends car and took the car fixed back home, but we were late for the competition.

We came to the start after the briefing puting the gliders fast together. Quick look at the results showed that I was 25, the day before …????

Niice J

Todays task was cancelled due to no thermal activities and overcast so we just jumped down to the landing.

For tomorow it looks bad so we will se.



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