ponedeljek, 24. marec 2008

Last days/pictures

Got back home. Today the snow was almost to the Bassano so no task in past 2 days. The second task was set, and theorganizators pushed us trough the clouds on the start, but after the start the huge front came and everything was sucked up. I ran for 22km out from Bassano all the time strugling to get down. Can`t tell you how happy I was on the ground. The wind at the landing was so strong. I was ready to crash but after some realy dangerous unwilling turns I got safe to the ground. The wind was so strong that I couldn`t get the glider in to the back position. There I stud, for 10 minutes before one guy saw me and helped me, so I was able to put the nose wires down and then pack the glider. Of course the task was cancelled.
It is good to be back in a hot place like home :))
Too bad that the weather did not come better, but hey, that`s our sport.
Dogs at the start

On the road to Bassano

Our caravan

On the start

Me and my friend Alan

Alan starting

The car being fixed

Me starting

Waiting to get to the start

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