ponedeljek, 18. junij 2012

Trofeo Guarnieri

Weekend in Feltre is over. Another good organisation, of course if you know a little bit of Italian as yet again everything was in Italian, even papers for liability release. They could just write in that they can shot me and I had to sign it every day :)

I would write the blog already before but getting internet in "west" world is total luxury. I found locked WiFi in hotel where the organisers put up a dinner for the pilots. I asked the boss for the key and she refused to give it to me with scared eyes. She thought I will smuggle in to their computer and stole their prices of the beer or what?
So to the flying. Feltre has one massive ridge behind the Bassano area. I remember the flight here last year where we had some pretty strong thermals and turbulence here. But in the end, massive mountains are beautiful here. First day we had a 100 km task. It was hard to get up already on the take off. I pulled my trousers in to the zip and by not being patient in this bad conditions I pulled it too much. Well, ok lets fly on with an open one. I found my self really low before the start gate and the struggle to get up was slow for all of us. In the end I started quite low and behind the last start gate. After that air was better so it was easier to get to the end to Belluno and get back. On my way back the switch for the sun turned already behind the mountains and it stopped there.
After three hours, I was happy to stand on my legs, quite some training. Christian was first in before Elio and Seppi. Seppi looks very satisfied on his Rx so I guess there must be some reserves also there. Next year :)
Next day they where promised better weather but it was even worse. 120 km task with a huge leg out in the flats that where working far much worse then previous day.
I had a problem with an WillsWing batten that day so I was late again trying to push 10 km far to get to the start cylinder. A bit pissed off, of course and not gentle enough to wait in the broken thermals I landed. This was my end to this comp and I went back home for a dive in the sea to clear up a bit.
Don`t know who won the day, I heard Alan was close to make it furthest as no one made in to the goal.
Busy week ahead, I hope I smuggle some free time for some air.

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Davide F.C. pravi ...

"I would write the blog already before but getting internet in "west" world is total luxury."
:D ...yes Mat...you are totally right! ...what a shame.... :(

....did you try "njam njam" as password.... maybe is an electronic passpartout! :D

Matjaz Klemencic pravi ...

Everyone should learn from Igy! :D